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Re: Bind with crypt password

Passwords are stored in the directory as hashed values. So you will
need to store the userPassword value with {CRYPT} instead of {MD5}.

Take a look at the 'password-hash' directive for slapd.conf (in the
man page). Also man slappasswd and ldappasswd. You should be able to
either run ldappasswd (after setting password-hash in the slapd.conf
file) or use slappasswd and ldapmodify to modify the userPassword
attribute value for your password.


On 10/18/06, Jose Manuel Lopez <josemanuel.lopez@juntadeandalucia.es> wrote:
I has compiled openldap 2.3.27 with enable-crypt, but I can't bind with
user with crypt password, but if password is MD5, it's run.

don't support crypt password openldap-2.3.27?