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Re: changing the base dn

It's not clear to me what data you actually have hosted on each server currently, and where you expect what data to be in the long run.

My current best guess is that NS has 'o=x,c=us' on disk and you're looking to turn it off, while OL has 'dc=group1,dc=x,dc=y' on disk, and you're looking to add 'o=x,c=us' to OL.

In this case, add a relay from 'o=x,c=us' to 'dc=group1,dc=x,dc=y' in the OpenLDAP server, and turn off the Netscape server.

See the slapd-relay(5) man page, and the recent thread on rewriting
for some just-short-of-usable examples. (Just because they didn't work out for Quanah doesn't mean they won't necessarily work out for you.)

If this was completely off base from what you wanted, you can hold out for other replies, but you'd be better served by reposting a more precise inquiry. At a minimum, I could be confusing "redirect" as "rewrite" when you want "referral." That would be quite different...

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Douglas B. Jones wrote:

If I have an old base dn of uid=jdoe,o=x,c=us and I want to redirect all such client queries to uid=jdoes,dc=group1,dc=x,dc=y; what is the best way to do this? The old base is on an old netscape server and the new one is on openldap 2.3.27. Thanks!