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Some More Newbie Questions

Here are some more questions I have in setting up my slapd.conf file:

* How does one incorporate a user certificate? Where does one incorporate strongAuthenticationUser, certificationAuthority?
* Since my server is a stand-alone unit and I am the only administrator, I see no need for using Kerberos. However, TLS requires anonymous bind, and anonymous bind     presents the problem of possible DoS attacks. Are there work-arounds with this, or, if I'm concerned about the same, is this reason enough to use Kerberos?
* What are limits? Is this just for syncrepl? I have no replication.
* Where does one set limits? In the database config file?
* Access scope has three potential values: base, subtree and children. Does "children" go down the entire subtree, such that the only difference between "subtree" and "children" is that the former includes the base?
* Can someone give me a clear explanation with an example of "dnattr" and where it is used (i.e. slapd.conf or slapd.d/cn=control)?
* Can someone give me a clear explanation with an example of how and where to use "ssf"? How can this be configured for someone authorizing via SSH2? How about an internal daemon?
* Why is the default timelimit so high (3600)? I mean, if slapd can't find what it's looking for in 300 seconds, something's wrong!
* I had to specially install bdb to use bdb. Do I have to specially install monitor to use monitor? If so, where do I find it?