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Re: Non SASL authentication without -x option

> Hi All,
> Is it possible to do simple authentication - non SASL - using LDAPS
> without explicitly passing "-x" option with ldapclient commands like
> ldapsearch, ldapadd and etc... Is it possible by making any changes in
> /etc/ldap.conf or /etc/ldap/ldap.conf or /etc/sysconfig/ldap. I believe
> this is hardcoded. If you anybody have any idea on how this can be
> accomplised, please share with me.

You don't need -x, as long as I remember, if you build the clients without
SASL support.  Or, if that's annoying you so much, you can create a shell
alias that adds -x for you (in bash: alias ldapsearch="ldapsearch -x").


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