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Re: slapd, bdb, 32-bit -> 64-bit

Frode Nordahl wrote:

I am trying to use a slapd BDB database created on a 32-bit intel system on a 64-bit (amd64/EMT64) system. Running slapcat on the database works fine, but when the server is started, ldapsearch is unable to find anything.

I understand that there are architectural differences between a 32- bit and 64-bit systems, but I don't think Berkeley DB have any problems with having its data being interchanged between the platforms.

No, this won't work. On a 64 bit build the entryIDs in the database are 64 bits. You must export to LDIF and re-import the DB.

I spent a lot of time thinking over this decision; whether to keep entryIDs 32 bits wide for 64 bit builds. Ultimately I decided that 64 bits was better. We have a deployment that has upwards of 3 billion entries, and they add/delete millions of entries per day, so restricting things to only 4 billion entryIDs would have been too much of a restriction.

I note that most other directory servers are restricted to 32 bits here, and they are simply unable to scale out to the numbers that we manage.

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