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Re: howto replication ldap

chechu chechu wrote:

I trying tu build replication, i got it in simple mode, but when I try
with ssl or ssl + sasl, i can't get it someone know where i can find a
howto for buildiong step to step or if someone want guide me to build

I suggest you first have server & client SSL + SASL working together; then you can apply the outcome of your experiments to replication. For this, you may want to read this <http://www.openldap.org/pub/ksoper/OpenLDAP_TLS.html> (a bit outdated, but most of the info is correct and useful, and redundant enough to guide you step by step to making things work). For SASL, you should definitely choose what mech you want to use, then play with Cyrus' test client & server to make it work. The Admin Guide should be enough to let you apply what you gained from Cyrus' tools to OpenLDAP. Make sure each brick is fine before assembling everything into OpenLDAP, or the complexity of the system may hide details.


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