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Re: Object Class Problem


The 2.3.xx version is rather less tolerant than the oldest releases.

Each entry MUST have at least one object class which is "structural".

Let me give an example: with 2.0.xx (2.1.xx too if I remember well), it was possible to create an entry with the "dcobject" class. This is now impossible since "dcobject" is an auxiliary class. The "domain" class is structural and should be used instead.

Hope this helps.

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Jose Manuel Lopez a écrit :
Sorry, I actually use openldap-2.3.27.

Luca Scamoni wrote:

Did you try with a google search?
The first result I get points to:

BTW both versions you are using are historical and not supported anymore. Current stable is 2.3.27.

Jose Manuel Lopez wrote:

I had extract ldif file from openldap-2.0.27. When I try charge ldif into openldap-2.2.23 I obtain error: no structural object class provided.
Have you any idea about it? I am using the same schema of 2.0.27.

Thank You.

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