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Re: slapd-relay and slapo-rwm questions

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
The same rules for slapd.conf ordering still apply - the most specific
DN's must appear before the less specific DN. So you must define

database relay
suffix cn=outlook,dc=example,dc=com

database hdb
suffix dc=example,dc=com

If you put it before the database hdb definition, then it cannot find the dc=stanford,dc=edu database, and slapd fails to start.

/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 72: cannot find database of relay dn "cn=people,dc=stanford,dc=edu" in "relay <dn> [massage]" line

so that's a non-starter.

Haven't checked, but if you don't force real database selection at startup, it will find its way by selecting the database for each operation (maybe not the most efficient option...)

My understand is that is the point of this bit of configuration?

database                relay
suffix                  cn=outlook,dc=stanford,dc=edu
relay                   cn=people,dc=stanford,dc=edu massage

but that doesn't do it.

That __should__ do it.

(3) How do you map attributes to attribute names that don't exist in
your schema? Since this is really about what gets displayed back to the
client, I don't see why there is a requirement that the mapped-to
attribute name must exist in your schema.

Everything that the local slapd returns directly to a client must exist
in the local slapd's schema. You can only get away with using undefined
schema elements when forwarding queries to a remote server, and even then
you shouldn't - you should import the remote schema into the local slapd.

Remember, we don't support "schemachecking off" any more - we expect
everything that we touch to have valid schema definitions.

I don't see why it is necessary for whatever the attribute gets mapped *to* to exist in the local schema. I don't see why I should be forced to load mozilla's schema, for example, to rewrite attributes I have in my server to what mozilla wants, or why I should create some bogus "display-name" attribute just so I can rewrite "displayName" to "display-name" for outlook. To me, the whole idea here, is I want to present to the client attributes that are syntax correct in the underlying DB, since they are forced to be there, as whatever I want the end client to see them as. As is, this whole overlay becomes worthless to me without that ability.
We got to a point where schema is essential for all internal operations -- and I wouldn't back off --; for this purposes, we rather developed tools to munch and digest the worst schema sources ever. I rather prefer having control on what is getting in, and especially on what's pushed out. Note that in order to push out search results you don't need to know matching rules for attributes; but you will to accept filters. So a best practice consists in knowing the schema for all items, and generate dummy schema for unknown items with something like "octetStringMatch" as equality rule, so that it smoothly passes frontend filter validation. Any overlay would be useless at this point, since overlays cannot take control __before__ filter validation, or when determining if an attribute was requested. I can share some of those tools if you want to try them (too busy to release them "officially", sorry).



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