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Re: Can't use SSL session

At 09:01 AM 10/6/2006, Hai Zaar wrote:
On 10/6/06, Dan O'Reilly <dano@process.com> wrote:
At 06:41 PM 10/5/2006, Hai Zaar wrote:
>On 10/6/06, Dan O'Reilly <dano@process.com> wrote:
>>Using ldapsearch on a VMS system to attempt to do a directory lookup using
>>SSL to a non-OpenLDAP directory on another system. I verified the root CA
>>certificate is correct using:
>>Any ideas? I've been pulling my hair out over this for a couple weeks
>>now. If I do this same search using port 389 and no SSL it works correctly.
>What does slapd log show regarding this connection?

Ok. So what is there in the slapd logs?

Well, nothing, because I'm going to an LDAP server on another system. But I did finally get it working late last night/early this morning thanks to a couple tips I received here. The big issue was making sure I was using the "-H" option with a URI rather than using a combination of the "-p" and "-h" options in ldapsearch.

But thanks for the offer to help, and a big thanks to those who recommended the solution to me!

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