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Re: need transactions in openldap 2.3.*

LDAP Transactions and their implementation in slapd(8) is
very much a work in progress (... or maybe said "a work
not making much progress)...

At 02:43 AM 10/5/2006, Dmitriy Kirhlarov wrote:
>Hi, list
>Now we are using ldap-tree for auth several services on many hosts.
>We have two types of admins (admin1 and admin2 roles) and I want
>separate permissions:
> - admin1 can edit cn=usergroup1, but can't edit cn=usergroup2.
> - admin2 can edit both.
>(I know how I can do it).
>User can be registered in both groups, or just in one.
>We are developing our own ldap admin-tool for usermanagement.
>When user gone, we removing his id from all groups and lock his
>account. Usualy, this is work for admin1.
>We need this behavior of our tool:
>If we can't remove user id from some group (inusufficient access), we
>do nothing. Just answer to admin1 "You can't remove user from group2
>-- ask admin2".
>For this behavior we need either transactions or some easy way to
>check our access rights for all entries which we want to modify.
>Afaik, transactions are not feasible for our case.
>What about checking access rights on client side without performing
>modification itself?
>Dmitriy Kirhlarov
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