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Re: incomplete slapcat

--On Wednesday, October 04, 2006 2:15 PM -0400 Robert Petkus <rpetkus@bnl.gov> wrote:

I don't want to sabotage this thread with my inaccuracies -- I do
appreciate folk's interest in helping out -- this is indeed the same
entry, I just stupidly didn't edit out all the *real* info -- too many
e-mails and things to do and I got careless.

The main point is that an attribute is absent from the main DB entry in
a slapcat, and instead appears attached to an accesslog DB entry.
ldapsearch shows *all* the attributes.

Since yanking out the accesslog overlay directives, slapcat behaves as
expected.  I'm disappointed because accesslog was useful but my
confidence in reinstantiating the overlay has been disrupted.  I am not
eager to be in a mess like yesterday.

I'm interested to know what kind of environments others are using
accesslog in -- how many changes daily, etc.

I've been using accesslog for delta-syncrepl replication for several months now. It receives some 2000+ MOD/ADD ops a day. I've not seen any issues with it.


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