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Re: Fwd: dynlist overlay expandable attributes are not searchable

Hai Zaar wrote:
I would expect it to return dn:

How can I fix this?

This issue has been discussed many times, and it should be clear enough from slapo-dynlist(5) man page. Your expectation does not comply with the rationale of dynlist. In fact, for your expectation to hold, dynamic list expansion should occur __before__ filtering. A first adverse consequence is that indexing would be impossible. A second adverse consequence is that dynamic list expansion should __always__ occur for all dynamic entries that fall into the scope of any search. This is technically possible, but it would likely be very costly. Feel free to submit a patch that implements such design, but I'm pretty sure most of the dynlist users (including perhaps yourself) would then start complaining about the poor performances of databases that use that overlay.


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