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Re: ppolicy.c module doesn't respect Draft policy

You should submit this to the ITS.

LABICHE Alexandre wrote:

draft-behera-ldap-password-policy-xx.txt    says:

5.3.2 pwdChangedTime

  This attribute specifies the last time the entry's password was
  changed.  This is used by the password expiration policy.  If this
  attribute does not exist, the password will never expire.

And ppolicy.c overlay  says  contrary

* Hmm. No password changed time on the
* entry. This is odd - it should have
* been provided when the attribute was added.
* However, it's possible that it could be
* missing if the DIT was established via
* an import process.
"ppolicy_bind: Entry %s does not have valid pwdChangedTime attribute - assuming password expired\n",
e->e_name.bv_val, 0, 0);

pwExpired = 1;

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