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Re: How to setup Ldap-Server Slave

At 03:11 AM 9/27/2006, Frank hubrach wrote:
>Hello List,
>i have one question :
>Is it possible to Setup tow Ldap Servers with the possibility to synchronize each other instead of replicate from one to the other ?

OpenLDAP Software has included at various times facilities that,
if misused*, would one to break the LDAP service model
in the manner you describe.  (See draft-zeilenga-ldup-harmful
my comments regarding of implications of "multi-master"
replication upon the LDAP service model.)

2.2 is historic so I won't comment on what it does or doesn't
support.  2.3 includes some broken slurpd-based facilities in
this area, which likely should be ignored.

I understand that some LDAP-sync based facilities are being
developed for inclusion in 2.4.

These facilities are not intended to provide multiple
active masters, but to allow any one (but only one)
of multiple mirror servers to be designated (generally
by a redirector) as the current master.

-- Kurt