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Re: strange behaviour of syncrepl

Since 2.3.24, there's:

	Fixed slapo-syncprov incomplete sync on restart issues (ITS#4622)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl no rootdn bug (ITS#4582)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl contextCSN issue (ITS#4622)
	Fixed slapo-syncprov need new CSN with delete syncID sets (ITS#4534)
	Fixed slapo-syncprov startup when lastmod is off (ITS#4613)
	Fixed slapo-syncprov DEL propagation bug (ITS#4589)

4589/4534 are particularly delicate for deletes and syncrepl. Now, if you're running CDS, you should probably contact Symas. I can assure you there are people there with perfect awareness of these bugs.

"sync" is a debugging level for slapd, see http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin23/slapdconf2.html. You can configure them with "-d" at the command line, "loglevel" in slapd.conf, or "olcLogLevel" in back-config.

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, thriller yan wrote:


I'm running symas cds based on OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.24. Our work requires us
to stick on this version.
Please see attachment for level 4 'heavy trace debugging' log, I don't see
much hints from the log.
I deleted one leaf in provider side, but this does not happen on the
consumer side after syncrepl.

BTW:what is the "sync" loglevel? Could you pls point me to the syncrepl bug

Thanks very much.

On 9/25/06, Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu> wrote:

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, thriller yan wrote:

> Basically, when I add some nodes in the provider side, these nodes are
> replicated to the consumer side, but when I delete some nodes in the
> provider side, the consumer side remain untouched. This confuse me.

For quite a while, this confused me too. It turns out there were some
syncrepl bugs, tracked down by this point. Are you running 2.3.27?
Upgrade if not, and observe closely. Turn on "sync" loglevel.