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Re: Krb5 TGT location question

Hmmm. So when I do a LDAP+SASL+GSSAPI(Kerberos) bind, openldap just
talks to the Kerberos library to do all things kerberos?

What about using the Kerberos service ticket to bind to the server?

- Jeremiah

On 9/22/06, Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@openldap.org> wrote:
At 06:46 AM 9/22/2006, Jeremiah Martell wrote:
>I've got code that does a successful LDAP+GSSAPI(Kerberos) bind. :-)
>But I'm not sure exactly how openldap knows where my TGT is?

OpenLDAP Software doesn't know or care where your TGT is.
Your TGT is between you and your Kerberos implementation.

>Kerberos I do a krb5_cc_default to store the TGT in the "default"
>location, whereever that is. And I never tell openldap where to find
>it. I don't see any environmental variable that says where it is
>Does openldap just have standard locations it looks in? Or.... ?
>  Thanks,
>- Jeremiah :)