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Re: multivalue - equal entries - permitted or not ?

Am 08.09.2006 um 18:59 schrieb Pierangelo Masarati:

Moire wrote:
Dear List,

i am trying to reenable an old application
that stores entries in some circumstances
twice. Lets say facsimileTelephoneNumber
with two entries that are equal.

facsimileTelephoneNumber[0] = +00 12345 43210
facsimileTelephoneNumber[1] = +00 12345 43210

Thats not a bug, its more a feature.
Sounds flawed as a feature, and in contrast with specifications of LDAP.

My understanding of this behavior is to have an organisation and a home facsimile number.

By the way, to change this i searched for an attribute that is
used as - lets say - homefacsimileTelephoneNumber like homeTelephoneNumber.
But i didnt found similar attribute. Which one would be suitable?

So, the old used server was a 2.0.x release.

I am trying to use it with openldap 2.1.x
(OS X 10.3 shiped), now.

Is it no more possible to at equal entries into
a multivalue attribute ?

Did i understand you - the specifications forbids this, right?

I get errors with different applications

ldap_add(): Add: Type or value exists
because you're adding duplicate values.
inappropriate matching
because the attribute has no appropriate matching rule to compare values.

Both warnings happen when i try to add duplications.

I appreciate any help.
Fix your application(s) and your data.

To do this i must first evaluate where exactly the problem is (done) and look for alternatives (not done).