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Re: Howto time expires an Openldap account ?

LABICHE Alexandre wrote:
I would like to know if I can use somethiing like this in slapd.conf

After adding a "Generalized Time" attribut in schema (for example expiredtime)

access to attrs=userpassword  filter=(expiredtime<=NOW)

But how can I implement the function NOW because slapd must evaluate this value at each login.
You can't (as far as I know).
There are others heavy methods like ppolicy but User can't change his password (expiredtime eq pwdChangedPassword)
I can't understand the above sentence; please elaborate
Or create an expiredtime and with a external daliy process, flag account .
This would be the natural solution: an administrative, batch client could invalidate expired accounts; then the filter could look like
access to attrs=userpassword filter="(expired=TRUE)"
Or create a back method with a lot of leak memory ...
You can implement some specific access rule by looking at the "dynacl" API (an example is ACIs, or module "contrib/slapd-modules/acl/posixgroup.c". Your module could implement exactly what you thought of, i.e. a rule that compares the value of an attribute in the database with the current time.


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