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Re: Installation Problem

LI Xin wrote:
beno wrote:
I'm trying to build the latest distro of openldap on a FreeBSD 6.1 box.
Even with the standard config with no flags I get the error that the
distro can't find the Berekely DB:

checking for db.h... yes
checking for Berkeley DB major version... 1
checking for Berkeley DB minor version... 0
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb1)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb-1)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (default)... yes
checking for Berkeley DB version match... yes
checking for Berkeley DB thread support... no
checking Berkeley DB version for BDB/HDB backends... no
configure: error: BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible

I had just reinstalled all my ports to BSD. But I went over to sleepycat
and d/l'd the latest and ran the ../dist/configure && make && make
install from the build_unix dir without a hitch (not the Java version,
just the plain vanilla). But I still get the same error from openldap.
What am I missing?

It looks that your BerkeleyDB installation has not used the expected
layout, and configure script has detected the bundled bdb version (1.85).
How did that happen, and more importantly, how do I avoid that happening? I didn't throw any flags at Berkely at all!

cd build_unix
make install

How did you determine version 1.85?