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Re: Dynamic schema update

Eran Leiserowitz wrote:
Thanks Dieter and Chu for the reply.

The cn=config tree always exists. Changes take effect immediately. But if you're using slapd.conf instead of slapd.d, the changes are not saved to any config file.

I tried updating the schema dynamically (the main database is bdb) when I'm using the -F option, and it seems to be working fine. Yet, when I use the -f option (I don't care if the changes are not saved), slapd gets a seg-fault. In the slapd.conf, I have the following relevant lines:

database    config
rootpw      {SSHA}3IWksAwIfw+tP/CjZi1us8bKnMPKiyZm

I try to add the following schema object:

dn: cn=core,cn=schema,cn=config
cn: core
objectClass: olcSchemaConfig
olcObjectClasses: ( NAME 'testObjClass2' DESC 'testObjClass'
SUP top STRUCTURAL MUST cn MAY ( x121Address) )

ldapadd returns the following response:
adding new entry "cn=core,cn=schema,cn=config"

But the slapd get seg-fault. Btw, although the configure states that
'enabled debug' is on by default, the core has no debug symbols.
As I said, when I run the same ldapadd with -F everything is OK.
I'm using openldap-2.3.24, compiled from source, on Fedora Core 4, with
the following machine:
That bug was fixed in 2.3.25. The current release is 2.3.27, you should upgrade.

By the way, to avoid confusion, you probably should choose some name other than "cn=core" for your schema. The name isn't really reserved in any special way, but "cn={0}core" already exists for the actual LDAP core schema. "cn=test" would probably be a better choice for what you're doing at the moment.

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