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Re: openLDAP availability (infinitessimally OT)

On Friday 18 August 2006 10:37, you wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm looking into using openLDAP in an application together with perl. My
> concern, however, is that few systems may fulfill the prerequisites and
> that this strategy will turn out to be a hassle for the users.
> Almost any distribution of Linux contain some openldap package, but which
> also include back-perl?
> Which distros include pproxy?
> Which distros have module support (I guess that this would enable one to
> make a package with the extra modules)?
> If people feel like checking their own distro they can send the info to me
> (if its just info on your own distro, please spare the list) and if I get
> more than a handful answers, I will summarize it in a new post to the
> list.
SUSE packages of recent OpenLDAP versions are avaiable here:
There is a back-perl subpackage available as well (but as Quanah already 
mentioned back-perl is experimental and more or less unmaintained currently). 
The packages have module support and pproxy is included.

Btw, this might also be worth a look:

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