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Re: openLDAP availability (infinitessimally OT)

--On Friday, August 18, 2006 10:37 AM +0200 johan.jonemo@hep.lu.se wrote:


I'm looking into using openLDAP in an application together with perl. My
concern, however, is that few systems may fulfill the prerequisites and
that this strategy will turn out to be a hassle for the users.

Almost any distribution of Linux contain some openldap package, but which
also include back-perl?

Back perl is experimental and known to be very buggy. I wouldn't plan on using it.


Which distros include pproxy? Which distros have module support (I guess that this would enable one to make a package with the extra modules)?

Most distro's tend to ship ancient or at least fairly outdated versions of OpenLDAP. You are generally better off doing something like using Symas CDS' distribution, Buchan Milne's Mandriva packages (if using Mandriva or RedHat), or building it yourself.


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