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contextCSN and glue'd databases

I was reading the appendix A of RFC4533 (about syncrepl and CSN) and the
definition of contextCSN is as follows:

"The context CSN is the greatest committed entry CSN that is not greater
than any outstanding (uncommitted) entry CSNs for all entries in a
directory context."

Regarding openldap-2.3.25 and a provider with two glued databases, are
these two databases included in the "directory context" as mentioned
above? If they are not, this could perhaps explain some of the problems
I'm having with syncrepl and glued databases (ITS#4626).

One of the
databases is a provider only (with data loaded with slapadd) and the
other (subordinate) is a consumer AND a provider. The last consumer has
only one database and is a backup server: replication to this one just
doesn't work.