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Re: configure options to use ppolicy

--On Monday, August 14, 2006 11:59 AM -0400 Prakash Velayutham <prakash.velayutham@cchmc.org> wrote:


I am interested in ppolicy overlay and currently using these configure
options. But for some reason, I don't see ppolicy.la getting installed
at all in my server (SuSE Pro 9.3). Could someone here provide me with
the configure flags that would provide me with the ppolicy module?

/configure --prefix=/usr/local/encap/openldap-2.3.25
--localstatedir=/var/openldap --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-modules=yes
--enable-overlays=yes --enable-ppolicy=yes --enable-syncprov=no
--enable-accesslog=yes --enable-rlookups=yes --enable-perl=yes
--enable-ldap=yes --enable-debug=yes --enable-shared=yes

I think you may want to adjust your configure options:


otherwise they are likely just being compiled straight into the slapd binary, with no need to actually load them individually.


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