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Transaction logging and OpenLDAP


I understand that there have been several discussions
in the past about transaction logging on OpenLDAP. I
have a couple of questions in this matter that may or
may not have been addressed previously.

We are running BDBv4.4.20 and OpenLDAPv2.3.24.

1. Is there a way to completely stop transaction
logging in OpenLDAP, along the lines of "slapadd -q"?
>From reading BDB documentation, it appears that an
application can use BDB as a transactional or
non-transactional back-end.

2. Presently we have the following directives to
remove log files in slapd.conf:
checkpoint      5120     15

and in DB_CONFIG

These directives reduce the logging in OpenLDAP but
under stress add's, a 10M log file is creates about
every two hours. Looking at db_stat, it appears the
checkpoint is not done as frequently. Is this unusual
and are we missing a setting?

We now have a cron job to force a checkpoint and
remove unwanted log files.

# Commit buffered active transactions to database
every mid-night
* 0 * * * /usr/bin/db_checkpoint -1 -h /data/ldbm

#Remove in-active log files ten minutes after
10 0 * * * /usr/bin/db_archive -d -h /data/ldbm"

Looking for suggestions to avoid logging or an
efficient way to remove logs.

Thanks in advance for responses,


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