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slapd/slurpd replication log not written to


I'm attempting to set up a slave LDAP server.

I have replogfile & replica config set in the master server, but when I restart it & try a test entry, the replication log contains no data. It does, however, show a change in the 'last modified' date.

I've not been able to find anything useful in the logs, but I'm not sure if I'm setting the log level correctly - it's unclear from the docs what log level would record replication log activity. I've tried 256, 320, & 264 with no joy. Any suggestions about correct debug level, or whether I should be looking elsewhere for debugging info?

I have tried the list archives but the only reference I could find to a similar problem turned out to be spaces in the admin DNs, which is not the problem here (I have checked!).

The relevant snippet is below. Any pointers welcome! I'm running slapd 2.2.26, on Ubuntu 6.06 (sparc version).

Regards, Juliet


database	dbd
...snip config....

replica uri=ldaps://slave_ldap.ph.ic.ac.uk:636

replogfile      /var/log/slapd_replog

+ Ms Juliet Kemp                                                +
+ Computer Manager		            star@imperial.ac.uk         +
+ Astrophysics Group                                            +
+ Imperial College                  Tel: +44 (0)20759 47538     +
+ London. SW7 2AZ                   Fax: +44 (0)20759 47541     +