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Questions about RFC 2589 and some general backend issues


I am new to this software, so in case anyone feels the need to only read
very profound posts, stop and delete here.

I have a few questions to help me choose the correct path to proceed.

What is the status of the RFC2589 implementation? On the roadmap page it
seems it is not implemented yet but I somehow got the impression (from
reading somewhere, sorry can't remember a reference) that it might exist
in some form already.

I'm trying to determine what back-end(s) to use. I have understood (or
misapprehended, as the case may be) that backends such as the perl backend
generates the data asked for on the fly (assuming of course that one
writes the required scripts) where as database bound backends such as that
for Berkley DB merely stores and retrieves the information. Is there a way
to do both? E g get the information from the database if it exists or
generate it actively if it doesn't.

Are there third party backends available somewhere? Of course they are
almost by definition off topic but I'm hard pressed to think of another
place to ask the question.

Hoping for some enlightenment...

Johan Jönemo