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Re: Synrepl out of sync after some time....

--On Thursday, July 27, 2006 6:40 PM +0200 Christiaan den Besten <chris@scorpion.nl> wrote:

Hi !

We are running OpenLDAP 2.3.24 on our mail platform and its fallback

Recently I have upgraded all ldap servers from 2.2.x (slurpd) to 2.3.24
(syncrepl). Unfortunately after 'some days' (couple of
hundred mutations on the ldap per day .. ) some (but not all) of our
replica's are getting out of sync.

It seems (but not necessary) it are usually the replica's whom are
outside the local LAN (housed at offsite locations).

Please take a look at our master and slave configuration below and tell
me if I am doing something horribly wrong. And even better,
how I can debug this to find our problem.

All hosts are running Fedora Core 4 with OpenLDAP 2.3.24 'rpmbuild
--rebuild' from the FC5 .src.rpm package.

There are a number of bugs in syncrepl currently fixed in HEAD. OpenLDAP 2.3.25 is in the works, and should have those fixes in it.


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ITS/Shared Application Services
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