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OpenLDAP with Unix Authentication

Hi guys. I hope I'm asking this in the right place - if not, I apologize.
What I am looking for is a quick how-to on setting up OpenLDAP with Unix
type authentication. I have a company directory that I have started on, and
I can query it with no problems. I want to be able to basically password
protect that so that our users can use their Unix username and password to
the directory (I don't want just anybody accessing it, and I don't want to
use simple authentication because I've taught our users how to change their
passwords, etc., and I'd hate to make them keep track of another password
when they could realistically work with just one). All of the how-to's seem
to be opposite of what I'm looking for (using LDAP to authenticate users for
Linux login, Postfix, etc., and not using PAM or SASL to authenticate users
on their Linux/Unix accounts).

Of the documents I've found, none of them cover LOGIN or PLAIN type mech for
SASL with OpenLDAP, so I've been trying to work through it on my own. I've
had no luck yet. Any info would be appreciated.


Randall Hobbs - IT Director
The Reliant Innovation Group, LLC
Cell: (850) 200-5661 / Office: (850) 502-4646