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Re: Proxy engine problem persists

> On Wednesday 26 July 2006 12:01, Hugo Monteiro wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> some days ago i've posted an issue about the proxy engine not recovering
>> from droped connections from a firewall. From a conversation i had with
>> a technician of the firewall in question (checkpoint), the firewall is
>> set to "forget" about idle connections with more than 30 minutes of
>> inactivity.
> You haven't yet posted any extracts from your slapd.conf. For instance,
> are
> you using the "idle-timeout" directive (which might not be the best
> solution
> in the end for this problem, but may be an easy workaround).

I have tried both with and without the idletimeout directive. The result
was the same. That brings up another issue. Shouldn't the backend server
honour that directive, treating the proxy server as a mere client?


Hugo Monteiro.