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Re: bdb backend - reliable or not?

FRLinux wrote:
On 7/20/06, Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo@wpkg.org> wrote:
It's hard to do so when you have multiple servers, and don't know which
one had a power outage...

If you don't mind me saying, i thought it was what notification utilities were for (nagios springs to mind ...)

You're missing the point.

In theory, everything of course looks beautiful, or can be set up 100% reliable.

We use nagios here, what good is it, if you can't connect to the remote office, because for some reason, DSL line is down because the ISP in that city sucks?

Yes, we too have a dial-in connection as a backup in most locations, but the point is, the server *has to* operate correctly once it's powered on, (almost) no matter why it crashed.

-- Tomasz Chmielewski http://syneticon.net