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Re: bdb backend - reliable or not?

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
Atom Powers wrote:


Then put the db_recover command in your start-up script, and/or tune BDB so that it can survive a crash more easily.

Is it OK if I put "db_recover" before each slapd startup? I guess it should be avoided.
In that case, how can I detect that the server crashed unexpectedly, and script "db_recover" run?
Should I only look at existing "alock" file before starting slapd, and if it's there, assume something bad happened, and run "db_recover"?

I just put it in the start-up script, to run every time slapd (re)started. If the database wasn't corrupt, no problems would need fixing, so db_recover didn't do anything.

Disclaimer: This was with an older version of OpenLDAP, I plan on having enough redundancy with the new system to detect and recover from any problems manually.

But if you are experiencing unexpected crash/poweroff I'd say you have more serious issues than whether to use ldbm or bdb.

No, I just prefer to be safe than sorry, and do the things "right".

The "right" way is not to let your servers die. Use a reliable OS on reliable hardware, with sufficient power backup and locked away from people, including yourself, who may accidentally unplug something. ( Of course you still need backups and a recovery plan, but that is for disasters and shouldn't be required except in extrema circumstances. )

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