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Re: slapcat output from 2.0.21 to slapadd to openldap-2.3.24

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the help.  It's a relief to know that it will work.  Did
you have to clean up the data on the RH7.3 server so that "slapcat"
ouputted a clean LDIF file that can be uploaded to the FC5 server?

Or did replication just work once the data was uploaded to the FC5
server (after reordering and editing the LDIF file.)

Here are a couple of edits on the LDIF file that I had to perform so
that "ldapadd" worked properly:

1. Changed "o: HotCoco.com" to "o: HotCoco",
2. Moved:
dn: o=HotCoco, c=US
o: HotCoco
objectClass: organization
to the top of the file.


On 7/19/06, Steven Wong <slqwong@yahoo.com> wrote:

    you shouldn't have problem with replication.  I actually have it working
between RH7.3 (ldbm) to FC5 (bdb).  Modification of passwd also sync's to
the slaves on FC5.

I also hit the same issue you did, with "o."  when I first added all the
data manually from RH7.3 to FC5 with slapadd or ldapadd.
Plus any lower level which did not exist before, so I basically had to
reorder the ldif manually before I was able to run it without errors.  ( ie.
uid=user1,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com )


----- Original Message ---- From: Dennis Misc <dennis.misc@gmail.com> To: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 3:43:03 PM Subject: slapcat output from 2.0.21 to slapadd to openldap-2.3.24


I am trying to eventually setup a system where a Redhat 7.0 server
running OpenLDAP 2.0.21 acts as a replication master to a Fedora Core
5 server slave running OpenLDAP-2.3.24.  I've had previous
correspondence from Howard Chu who says this is possible, so hopefully
I'll be able to get the system to work.

First of all, I wanted to see if the LDIF data file dump from the
Redhat7 server can be uploaded to FedoraCore5.  So I ran slapcat from
Redhat7 to create the ldif file.  I used slapadd on the FedoraCore5 to
load the data, and I got this error:
root@fedora5> /usr/sbin/slapadd -v -l data.ldif
. . .
added: "uid=test1,o=HotCoco,c=US" (000002fe)
added: "uid=faldt,o=HotCoco,c=US" (000005aa)
slapadd: dn="o=HotCoco,c=US" (line=12151):
(64) value of naming attribute 'o' is not present in entry

To debug, I created a smaller file with just the following lines, and used
ldapadd to import the data instead, which resulted in the same error.

dn: o=HotCoco, c=US
o: HotCoco.com
objectClass: organization

dn: uid=test1, o=HotCoco, c=US
uid: test1
email: test1@aol.com
firstName: test
lastName: One
zipCode: 10000
age: 2
gender: M
objectClass: htcocouser

When I changed the "o: HotCoco.com" to "o: HotCoco", the error (value
of naming attribute 'o' is not present in entry) went away, and
ldapadd worked.

Can you please explain why this is the case?

I read the Faq-o-matic documentation: ldap_add/modify/rename: Naming
which didn't explain this particular problem.. (If it did, then sorry
I missed it, and it probably means that I have more ldap knowledge gap
that I need to narrow before being able to understand it.)

Even though I probably can now load all the data into FedoraCore5,
when I turn on the replication I am afraid that it may not work
properly as I had to manually edit the ldif file to load the data onto
the FedoraCore5.

If import of the data into the FedoraCore5 box with "slapadd -f
data.ldif" worked without making any changes to the data.ldif file, I
would have felt a lot better about setting up the Redhat7 ->
FedoraCore5 replication

Unfortunately I can't test this as the Redhat7 box is in production..
so I was hoping to get advice from the openLDAP community.

Thank you for your help,