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Proxy Engine - Server unavailable


I'm currently using openldap-2.3.24 with the proxy engine backend in
order to query another openldap backend server.

These two servers exist in different networks and have a checkpoint
firewall between them that kills idle connections with more than 30
minutes of inactivity. That is something i cannot control and have to
live with it.

I've noticed that after periods of inactivity between the two servers, i
started getting "server is unavailable" when querying the proxy server,
and the only way to solve this is to restart the proxy server.

My question is, shouldn't the proxy server figure out that the
connection is dead and retry opening a new connection? If so, is there
any configuration directive that i need to specify, either on the proxy
side or the backend side, for that to happen?

Thanks in advance,

Hugo Monteiro.

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