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[OPENLDAP] filters using >=


I need to write a shell script in which I execute a search with the ldapsearch command below :

ldapsearch -x -ZZ -LLL -H "ldap://localhost"; -D "cn=Manager,dc=femto-st,dc=org" -W -b "ou=3,dc=femto-st,dc=org" newAccount>=1

This does not work. I found the following line in the log file :

SRCH base="ou=3,dc=femto-st,dc=org" scope=2 deref=0 filter="(?=undefined)"

The same search using "=" or "~=" works well.

Here is the definition of the attribute newAccount in the schema file :

attributetype ( jAttributeType:1
	NAME 'newAccount'
	DESC 'Est-ce un compte nouvellement cree'
	EQUALITY integerMatch
	SYNTAX ldapAttributeTypes:27 SINGLE-VALUE )

objectIdentifier jroot
objectIdentifier j jroot:2
objectIdentifier jObjectClass j:1
objectIdentifier jAttributeType j:2
ObjectIdentifier ldapAttributeTypes

Has anybody an idea of what happens ?

Thank you for your answer.


Emmanuel Aubert

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