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Re: Bad proformance after add several ACLs setting.

There is a openldap installation on my gentoo server. The version of
server is net-nds/openldap-2.1.30-r2.
gentoo has a build for 2.3.24. You'd be well advised to upgrade to it if you care at all about performance.

[bunch of ACLs]
The odds that excessive ACLs are causing performance issues are very small compared to...

Does the performance problems related by the ldbm backend?
the odds that that the ldbm backend, combined with a lack of a properly tuned BerkeleyDB DB_CONFIG file, are causing massive performance issues. OpenLDAP 2.3 is much more user-friendly, in that it even would syslog "warning, DB_CONFIG missing, poor performance expected" which might have saved you a lot of hassle.

In short:

1. Upgrade to 2.3.24.
2. Use database type "bdb" or "hdb". Probably "hdb" at this point.
3. Place a DB_CONFIG file in the bdb/hdb director{y,ies), or use dbconfig directives in your 2.3 slapd configuration, to perform appropriate tuning.

DB_CONFIG tuning information can be found in the FAQ-O-Matic and the list archives.