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Re: UserID's clearing after reboot

On Thursday 13 July 2006 18:33, Ryan Ivey wrote:
> This is no longer an issue...at least in regards to *corrupted* data and
> attempting to recover it.  I've restored database files from a recent
> backup.  The users are now back as they were.  I'm back to focusing on why
> this is occurring after every reboot.

Most likely because you are:
1)Running an older version of OpenLDAP (anything before 2.3.x) that does not 
automatically detect whether database recovery is needed at start
2)not manually running database recovery whenever slapd might not have 
shutdown cleanly (eg in the start case of the init script).

Fix one of these two issues, and you should be ok.

I note that this issue affects other software that uses Berkeley DB with 
transactions (jabber2's "db" driver for one).

> I've setup a similar configuration 
> on another Linux server, rebooted it and all the users I created are there.

Without more details, it's impossible to confirm whether this is a valid 


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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