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Is it possible to map/rewrite per target when using slapd-meta?

Hi list,

The past couple of days I've been playing around with various slapd
backends. Powerfull stuff! I didn't know all this was possible. I
do have a question though so let me explain what I'm trying to

At our organization we have several DSAs storing

 * identities
 * mail accounts
 * desktop accounts

Each directory entry shares an identifier to link up the identies
with their account(s). For example.

# Identity
id: 100

# Mail
personid: 100

# Desktop Account
pid: 100

For testing purposes I've setup a slapd instance which composites all
the above directories using slapd-meta. I can query the directories fine
and get a quick overview of what's out there. However I'd like to be
able to search based on the unique identifier attribute. The problem is
that in each directory this attribute name is different, i.e. id,
personid, pid. My search would return the identity and all their
accounts (mail/desktop).

I'd like to be able to search my meta directory and have it rewrite my
search request for each target (backend directory). i.e. searching for
entries with identifier 100 would search each backend directory using
the appropriate attribute.

Mapping doesn't work here because it only works at the local slapd
level. It just renames the attribute.

So my question is: Is it possible to map/rewrite per target?

Any other suggestions are welcome as well! Like perhaps using
subordinate instead...?

Thanks in advance,

Emiel van de Laar