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Re: Migrating from 2.0.21 to 2.3.19 on Fedora 5

At 18:38 07/07/06 -0400, Dennis Misc wrote:
I am not sure if this is a good idea, but I am trying to set the
Redhat 7.0server with the older OpenLDAP software as a master that
replicates data to
the Fedora server.
Since they are running different versions of OpenLDAP, will this not work?

If not, will the different database formats cause problems with the

Yes you will have maby some problems because there are two new operationnal attributes: entryCSN and entryUUID that are unkwown in 2.0.21. I've done the same as you, but i prefer to update openldap on master and slave. (2.0.27 to 2.3.24).
but I don't know if entryCSN and entryUUID are required or not.

If this won't work because of the different database format, how do I force
slapadd on the Fedora5 server to import the database in .gdbm format?

it's not possible because if slapd (2.3.19) handles a DB database it can't handle a GDBM database. (I try to do that, I find it's not possible because you can't generate a slapd that links with the two. but maby I didn't do the right things).
But I think the database format is not a problem. The only problems will come with the different versions of openldap.

thanks for your help,