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Re: Openldap & Tru64 encryption

The {CRYPT} scheme is not portable as it dependent on the
particular flavor of crypt(3) slapd(8) is linked with.
Sounds to me like the version of crypt(3) slapd(8) was linked
with is not the same that was used to create the password
value.  I suggest you determine which version of crypt(3)
is needed and then rebuild slapd(8) such that this version
is used.

At 01:07 PM 7/10/2006, Ryan Harvey wrote:
>Are there any issues unique to using openldap on a Tru64
>system?  Specifically, has anyone had any encryption issues
>when migrating passwords from the passwd file to
>userPassword?  I have followed the instructions for
>migrating passwords and it doesn't seem to be working for
>me.  If the password is set using ldappasswd, authentication
>works fine.  I am having the problems when trying to migrate
>the password.
>Any pointers would be appreciated,
>Ryan Harvey
>Muskingum College