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Re: issue w/ LDAP that I have encountered

On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 16:10 -0500, Derek R. wrote:

> > I know this is not going to fix your problem, but at least you know why
> > you wasted so much time.  If we'd ever vote for anything like that, I'd
> > vote for trimming all that portion of code out of back-sql.
> >   
> Thanks for the explanation, at least I know what the statement is meant 
> to do.  Since the statement seems to be required, I will try to sort it 
> out or possibly shift to using bdb.

slapd was sigsegv'ing because of a non properly initialized variable,
which is now fixed.  As per your issue, it does not appear to be
directly related to back-sql since it occurs during bind.  Maybe if you
post clearer logs (stats,args,trace) and a revised slapd.conf we can
have a closer look.


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