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Re: Schema question

Zane C.Bowers wrote:
When creating one and one has not gotten a OID yet, is the any problem
one can run into giving it something random before one can be acquired
if it is for internal use only and is to be changed as soon as one is
You don't need an OID to install a schema. You don't even need an OID to create a schema. But you don't really create your own schema anyway; you just extend the default one. You should have your own OID branch if you intend to extend the schema so you don't run into conflicts that *may* occur when you acquire an add-on that may apply schema extensions that use the same OID as you have used. You could in theory use a (that's what I've done for testing in the past) OID for one attribute but after that you don't really have a way of making sure you won't have future conflicts unless you officially reserve your own OID subtree. If you don't plan on buying any products that could extend the openLDAP schema then in theory you can use any OID that hasn't already been used but can you really plan that far ahead?