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Re: issue w/ LDAP that I have encountered

Thanks for your reply. The only reason the db is expendable is because I'm setting it up right now, so it won't be expendable once it's populated w/ LDAP data. The reason I have chosen an SQL-based solution is because we are planning on integrating all of the data in LDAP ( user account info, user organizational data, DNS records, DHCP, etc. ) w/ ticket-tracking and other management software, and we have decided that an SQL solution offers us the best interoperability as well as the widest range of choices should we need to move to a different DB later on.
I appreciate the tip on using the Heimdal implementation. Should I encounter any issues in my initial testing, I will try Heimdal out. However, right now I'm just trying to get things working, and if I have time ( before my deadline, which is creeping inexorably closer ) I will do performance testing and tuning.
Derek R.

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Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Thursday, July 06, 2006 1:06 PM -0500 "Derek R." <derekr@tlc2.uh.edu> wrote:

I am setting up OpenLDAP w/ the back-sql ( using MySQL ) db module and
GSSAPI authentication. I had the authentication working fine, as well as
the SQL database created ( via the scripts included w/ the
openldap-servers-sql RPM ) and everything seemed to be fine, except that
when I submitted any queries ( for example :
ldapsearch -h ldap.ui.tlc2.uh.edu -p 389 -D "uid=ldap,cn=gssapi,cn=auth"
-W -b"dc=tlc2,dc=uh,dc=edu"
), then I would get a no such object error ( something similar, I can't
find it in my terminals now, it's been buried under mounds of strace and
slapd -d1 output ). So I started testing out various parameters for
queries and selects and whatnot in slapd.conf ( which, by the way, is
here :

please let me know if you need any more information.  Also, I am more
than willing to wipe out and recreate the database in MySQL ( what's the
simplest way to do it w/out damaging anything else? ) if that's what
needs to be done.
Thanks in advance...
Derek R.

If your database is disposable, why are you using MySQL? Why not use a high-performance backend like bdb or hdb?

Also, I'll note that the MIT kerberos libraries are magnitudes slower than the Heimdal kerberos libraries, so for the server side, I highly suggest using the Heimdal libs.


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