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Re: HDB Production Usage

Aaron Richton wrote:
My question to the list is: What are you experiences with HDB? Is it
still experimental? Has anyone used it for an extended period of time
in a production environment? Is there a roadmap anywhere outlining when
it's expected to be stable?

I'd love to see a timestamp on that FAQ-O-Matic entry; I'm not sure that
too many would still agree with hdb being experimental.

Click the "Appearance" link at the bottom of the page and then select "Show" last modified time. I made a couple updates to that entry last night.
My records show us switching to hdb on August 19, 2004. It hasn't caused
any appreciable amount of pain. Specifically:
(a) the amount of pain caused by using other backends is orders of
magnitude larger than any possible issues with bdb/hdb,

combined with

(b) it's unclear whether bugs experienced under hdb wouldn't happen under
bdb anyway. Read the changelog; the vast majority (admittedly not all)
fixes are "fixed back-bdb/hdb foo" since the code is shared.

Yes, that's a worthwhile point to emphasize - the majority of the code is identical between the two. There have been one or two bdb-only or hdb-only bugs along the way, but by and large, they're the same.
Finally, from where you sit, I note that there's been a significant amount
of teething performed with hdb, both under OpenLDAP 2.2 and under 2.3, and
you can now benefit by merely downloading a 2.3.24 tarball.
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