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RE: Can I reuse the back-ldap in my own overlay?

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At 08:17 PM 7/4/2006, Chen, Shi Jun SLC CT PEK wrote:
>Howard Chu wrote:
>>This sounds to me like just using back-ldap all by itself. Why do you 
>Think this needs to be an overlay?
>Yes, I can configure slapd.conf to use back-ldap as the backend
>But how can I make back-ldap to select the server dynamically according
>to the concrete content of LDAP request?
>For example, the entries are in the same sub-tree, but are devided in
>three remote DSAs (A, B & C). When the local DSA receives the request on
>entry resided in B, how to use back-ldap to route the request to DSA B?

You configure a separate back-ldap instance for each distinct DIT
context being proxied.  Or you configure the local with a single
database (hdb/bdb) holding named references for A, B, C pointed to
the appropriate servers, and then use the chaining overlay.  Or
a combination approach.