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ACL access control flux; CONTINUE

Hi felows!!!
 I have a little doubt about how the ACL works with the flux control CONTINUE.
 I mean... the BREAK junps to the next matched clausule, and CONTINUE?
 to the next matched BY?? or just to the next??
 An example:
 access to dn.subtree="dc=br"
         by dn.subtree="ou=house,dc=br" read continue
         by dn.base="uid=houseAdmin,ou=house,dc=br" write
 Let me explain what happens here: every object below "ou=house,dc=br" get mached when the first BY directive is checked and is granted the READ right, but because the flux control CONTINUE, will every object be allowed to WRITE on "dc=br" subtree?? or only "uid=houseAdmin,ou=house,dc=br"??
 thx for helping!
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