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Re: Replica Problem ... permission ?

Thanx Aron !
Now is working with the rootdn ... but ... I need ... that some dn with password access (replication) to a part of the tree ...
so I put 3 "replica" in the server ... can I put 3 diferent updatedn in 1 slave to test it ??



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Subject: Re: Replica Problem ... permission ?

The ability to run
ldapsearch -x -h -D"cn=Manager,dc=linux,dc=com" -w secret

has very little to do with
replica host= binddn="cn=Replicator,dc=linux,dc=com" bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

resulting in
Error: ldap_simple_bind_s for failed: Invalid credentials

Perhaps you should configure things such that

  ldapsearch -x -h -D "cn=Replicator,dc=linux,dc=com" -w secret

works, which I'd imagine it doesn't at this point. Adding the
"cn=Replicator,dc=linux,dc=com" entry might be a good idea.

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