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back-sql + syncrepl

hello its been a bit for me using openldap.. so getting back into it now
with a new project.

quick synopsis.. an oracle database holds a truckload of data that is in
a fairly large state of flux..  I currently pull nightly feeds from this
database to maintain the data in my openldap systems.  This needs to be
a bit more automated.

The idea I had was to use back-sql .. somehow get changes in the oracle
system to replicate to my db which i would cInnect to using back-sql...
write some triggers on the db to help maintain some data that doesn't
directly come from oracle..
Then use syncrepl to propogate chpropagatereplica servers..

my experience with openldap dried up in the 2.2 version so syncrepl is
very new to me at this point.. i was wonder whIt issues I might run
into.. and/or is my idea even fesible.. anyonefeasiblen alternative?.. 

Im kinda looking at the cmu.edu model.. but the documentation there
doesn't describe my exact situation.

Thanks all... keep up the good work.

Jonathan Higgins
IT R&D Project Manager
Kennesaw State University