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Re: OpenLDAP Support of Recently Released LDAP RFCs (the 4510 series)

At 09:41 PM 6/21/2006, Geiman Gilbert-GGEIMAN1 wrote:
>I've tried searching the OpenLDAP site and mail lists but haven't found
>a reference to this yet.  Does OpenLDAP already support the newly
>released (June 2006) set of RFCs containing the technical specifications
>for LDAP?  I'm referring to RFCs 4510 - 4519.  If not, what is the
>roadmap plan for supporting these?  (Sorry if I missed something obvious
>on the web site somewhere.....)

Covered in the FAQ.

Note that in RFC 4510, like RFC 3377, many of core LDAPv3 features
are elective (that is, not mandatory to implement).  So, YMMV.
Some of the features we don't support are listed in this FAQ answer: