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Trying to get a clear understanding of the possibilities with OpenLDAP.
I have used OpenLDAP for a while now, but only with PLAIN login within
secure environments and simple security objects. I also use Cyrus IMAPd
and have 'saslauthd -a ldap' handling the authentication. Now comes the
part I am unclear about. I understand OpenLDAP supports SASL
authentication to give me a more secure type login. I believe I also
read once that OpenLDAP does not use saslauthd, but works with SASL
directly? Looking at the example in the Faq-O-Matic for using with SASL
and KerberosV, does this mean by using SASL auth, I must move
authentication out of LDAP and into Kerberos or sasldb? If so, then
PLAIN text is the only option for LDAP based auth?

I am currently running OpenLDAP 2.3.30 Sorry for my ignorance on the
subject after dealing with LDAP for a while now and reading more than
one book. Also, if this belongs in a more general LDAP lists, can
someone send me the mailing list info?

Thanks in advance!